The Firefall offers a twist on the typical, featuring cascading water down the backdrop, dancing flames in the front, and a small light set into the inner arch to spotlight the water even from afar. Available in both a large and a small size; the large features an arched upper mantle and recessed side panels while the small has a flat top. This piece is handcrafted from glass fiber reinforced concrete and comes in a variety of different colors and textures. Fuel options include natural gas or propane.

The Firefalls are also available with a Finished Back Option to cover the plumbing for freestanding Firefalls (not up against a wall).

Small Firefall

  • Small Firefall 

    Model Number: 698-xx-11-V5xc

    Dimensions:  48″ w x 51″ h x 25″ d  Wt. # / Pieces:  600# / 3

    Small Firefall with Finished Back 

    Model Number: 698-xx-12-V5xc

    Dimensions:  48″ w x 51″ h x 25″ d  Wt. # / Pieces:  700# / 4