AFD’s Fire Bowls are the hottest trend right now because of their simple, contemporary design and versatility of uses. With a variety of different color styles and sizes, these Fire Bowls are easily incorporated into any outdoor space. Handcrafted from glass fiber reinforced concrete, the Fire Bowls also come in a low profile Versailles and Marseille versions which now include a water spout option. Fuel options include natural gas or propane.


  • 48″ Marseille

    Dimensions: 48″ dia X 10½″ h
    Model No# 751-xx-11-V6xc
    Wt. 195# / Pieces 2

    40″ Marseille

    Dimensions: 40″ dia X 11″ h
    Model No# 752-xx-11-V6xc
    Wt. 150# / Pieces 2

    32″ Marseille

    Dimensions: 32″ dia X 8½″ h
    Model No# 753-xx-11-V6xc
    Wt. 90# / Pieces 2