The Chat Height Octagon Firetable features an octagonal base with beautiful lower detailing and a wide round top. The chat height of this piece makes it the perfect setting for a relaxed and intimate meal or cocktail hour around the warming flames.

Our firetables create the perfect ambiance for enjoying an outdoor meal or cocktail while also keeping you warm from the evening chill. Table available with either a granite inset top or a concrete top. Fuel options include natural gas or self-contained propane tank (base is made with a removable door to house and easily access a propane tank inside). Handcrafted from glass fiber reinforced concrete.

Chat Height Octagon Firetable

  • Chat Height Octagon Firetable

    Model Number: 626-xx-11-V2xc

    Dimensions:  54″ dia x 24″ h  Wt. # / Pieces:  700# / 3

    • Table top available with concrete or granite inserts.
    • To view Fyre Glass textures and color options, click here.
    • Firetables include Burner. All other items must be purchased separately.
    • Firetable flame is adjustable for comfortable dining.
    • BTU ratings: 60,000 (NG), 50,000(LP)