The Arch Stone Firewall features an open fire area with no firebox and a recessed arched backdrop. A back panel for freestanding is included with this item. This piece is handcrafted from glass fiber reinforced concrete and comes in a variety of different colors and textures. Fuel options include natural gas or propane.  This unique Fire Wall does not include a water feature.

Arch Stone Firewall

  • Arch Stone Firewall 

    Model: 092-xx-12-V4xc

    Dimensions:  60″ w x 56″ h x 26″ d

    Wt. # / Pieces:  1000# / 4

    • Firewall includes 1 herringbone firebox liner.
    • Firewall can house 5 gallon propane tank.
    • For gas, choose Gas Shut Off & Line Location.